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A complete therapy for the treatment of Osteoarthritis, an age old problem, was first brought to India by Anthus through CARTIPEP. It is a product of Nitta Gelatin, Japan, the world leaders in collagen, is the first scientifically proven therapy which really helps the regeneration of cartilages. US FDA has given GRAS status to this formulation.


Regenerates human cartilage
Reduces joint pain
Improves joint flexibility & mobility
Reduces need for analgesics
Improves quality of life





The concept of using combination of a PPI with pro-kinetic in the treatment of GERD, was first established by Anthus with OPAL-D. The product was well accepted by medical profession. Now most of the companies are marketing one or the other similar combinations in India.

Bringing the Gap in GERD Therapy

Reduces Acid Secretion
Improves Peristalsis
Relieves symptoms of GERD







Anthus was the first to identify the need of a flexible dosage form for Amoxycillin while treating children in their pre-teens. The 333mg formulation was readily accepted by doctors, especially paediatricians.

When 250 is less & 500 is more.



A well accepted molecule world over, for treating pre menstrual syndrome, was first brought to India by Anthus. It was found to be a safe and effective alternative for many other products marketed India, as it relieves most of the common symptoms of PMS

Prompt Relief from Common PMS Symptoms

Abdominal pain & Cramps
Breast tenderness
Backache, Headache
Swelling and Weight gain






The US FDA approved combination of a topical NSAID with DMSO as vehicle was first introduced in India by Anthus. DOIL, a well accepted formulation in many countries including US and UK, overcomes all limitations of a topical NSAID and offer immediate relief from musculoskeletal pain with least side effects. It is an excellent alternative to oral and parental forms.

Better Penetration
Better Absorbtion
Faster Action
Lesser Adverse Effect