Anthus Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

Joining Hands for a Healthier Tomorrow


The name anthus is derived from a greek word anthoose which means flower.

Established in 1999, Anthus is a fast growing professionally managed pharmaceutical company with a portfolio of products to prevent, treat and cure ailments spread across a wide range of therapeutic segments. Anthus is driven by its vision of "A Healthier Tomorrow", by providing high quality health care products and professional services to millions and millions of peoples in India. The name Anthus, derived from the Greek word anthoose which means flower, itself reflects the commitment of the organization towards this goal, as for time immemorial flower has been used to wish speedy recovery and good health.

For an effective marketing and to provide good service, we have created different divisions based on the therapeutic segments of our products.

ASTONIA : This division deals with Gastroenterology, Pediatric, Gynecology and General products
CASSIA : This division deals with Cardiology and Diabetology products
TRITILIA : This division deals with ENT and Orthopedic products
VEDUS : This division is dedicated to Ayurvedic products
INTENSIVE CARE : This division deals with critical care products
WOUND CARE : This division deals with wound dressing products